Monday, 7 May 2012

Temporada 1 Lyrics

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S01E01: Pilot
S01E02: The Night of the Comet
S01E03: Friday Night Bites
S01E04: Family Ties
S01E05: You’re Undead to Me
S01E06: Lost Girls
S01E07: Haunted
S01E08: 162 Candles
S01E09: History Repeating
S01E10: The Turning Point
S01E11: Bloodlines
S01E12: Unpleasantville
S01E13: Children of the Damned
S01E14: Fool Me Once
S01E15: A Few Good Men
S01E16: There Goes the Neighborhood
S01E17: Let the Right One In
S01E18: Under Control
S01E19: Miss Mystic Falls
S01E20: Blood Brothers
S01E21: Isobel
S01E22: Founder’s Day