Saturday, 11 October 2014

TVD Songlist | 6x02 - Yellow Ledbetter

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“Salvation” - Gabrielle Aplin
Scene: Stefan finds Ivy making breakfast in his kitchen; Elena packs up things that remind her of Damon
“Hello Goodbye” - The Young Lions
Scene: Caroline talks to Alaric
“I Got Something For You” - Tim Murdock
Scene: Enzo seduces a woman for information on the Other Side until Caroline interrupts them
“Now You Know” - TVC
Scene: Stefan has a drink as Ivy arrives with Enzo and Caroline
“All The Glitter’s Gone” - Romans
Scene: Caroline, Stefan, Ivy and Enzo talk
“Whatta Man” - Salt-N-Peppa ft. En Vogue
Scene: Bonnie finds Damon dancing and making breakfast in the Salvatore mansion kitchen
“Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” - Spin Doctors
Scene: Damon gives Bonnie pancakes and a crossword puzzle
“Connected” - Stereo MC’s
Scene: Damon and Bonnie have breakfast again
“All Through The Night” - Sleeping At Last
Scene: Elena tells Alaric when she fell in love with Damon
“Everybody Hurts” - Bread & Butter
Scene: Jeremy leaves Bonnie a message; Matt and Jeremy argue; Tripp disposes of a van full of vampires
“Everybody Hurts” - R.E.M
Scene: Bonnie and Damon sit down for dinner and talk about the missing crossword answer